Treatments for Back Pain

D2Studies show that almost 80% of Americans visit a physician because of pain in their back. Acute low back pain is ranked as the fifth most common reason why Americans visit a doctor. Pain in your back or the neck can be a big hindrance to the enjoyment of your everyday life. Sometimes it is not possible for one to person simple tasks or move around when they have back pain. It is not right for a person to continue living with pain when they can get help to relieve them of the pain.

There are doctors who specialize in conditions that affect the neck, back and the spine. You should see one whenever you get pain in either your neck or back so that they can rectify the condition before it worsens. Back pains can result as a result of a physical injury or can also be a symptom of a chronic condition. The pain may then spread to other areas such as the arms or the legs and may also cause other conditions such as fatigue and numbness.

Spine doctors carry out tests to find out the cause of the pain and then decide what kind of treatment will be used to treat the pain. The treatment procedures available for the different back pains include surgery, spinal fusion, failed back surgery and epidural steroid injections. Spinal cord stimulators are used to manage pain in people who suffer from FBSS. What is failed back syndrome? It is a situation where a patient continues to experience chronic pain even after a successful back surgery. The new spinal cord stimulator interrupts pain impulses before they get to the brain. Sciatica surgery is used to treat sciatica which is a pain that radiates down a leg resulting from damage or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Minimally invasive spine surgery, on the other hand, is used to treat spine pain that is caused by generative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal deformities or fractures.

The different procedures will be applied depending on the condition of a patient. For example, at the Comprehensive spine institute, each person is given a comprehensive personalized attention that informs the treatment procedure that will work best for them. If your condition warrants minimally invasive surgery, the highly qualified and experienced orthopedic surgeons at CSI will perform the operation in their on-site state of the art facility. Other spinal care procedures including chiropractic care are also available at the Comprehensive Spine Institute. If you have back pain and looking for the best doctors, visit Comprehensive Spine Institute today get the highest quality of care.

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